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“Art Since 2000” Slide Lecture Notes

SLIDE LECTURE PRESENTED SAT. SEP. 14 AT MRAA MONTHLY MEETING - NOTES Increasingly conceptual, ephemeral and colorful, often curiously outrageous, contemporary art leaves many scratching their heads in bewilderment. However you take your art, with a dose of awe or incredulity, explore what's new and fascinating in contemporary art since…

Capital One Show on Display at West Creek Campus

MRAA announces its annual show at Capital One. For those of you lucky enough to be at the West Creek Campus, check it out!


MRAA is planning a unique exhibition for next year, 2020. We are going to have a show of art using 20 works in a 20x20" size, in a small gallery venue. Each artist will be challenged to make a single work of art in this specific square format. The exhibit…