Some of the most interesting aspects of MRAA membership are the monthly presentations by prominent regional artists. These take the form of lectures and demonstrations as accomplished painters, sculptors, craftspeople, and artists who work in diverse media share their work with us. Recent artists whom we have hosted include:

Kim Hall
Virginia painter Kim Hall seeks to quickly capture the light and essence of a scene in our quickly disappearing landscape. She enjoys the challenge of painting en plein air or directly from life. There is no better way to capture a scene or a moment in time than being there in that moment. “Painting from life has taught me how to see as a painter,” says Kim. Kim received a BA in studio art from George Mason University and continued her studies at The Corcoran School of Art. Over the years she has taken many workshops from her favorite artists and mentors including Roger Dale Brown, Dawn Whitelaw, and Dee Beard Dean. She also continued to study from the Masters, both past and present.

Lorraine Meade

Lorraine Meade taught a class in acrylic paint pouring, a technique that creates a fluid shape or layer that sits upon the painting surface, as in Jackson Pollack’s layered drips, and features high-gloss finishes and unique marble-like patterns.

But Lorraine’s real passion is for mosaics, in both furniture and wall art. In addition to the many pieces of mosaic art, accessories and furniture in her studio, Lorraine has also done mosaic work on a larger scale. She has given homes a unique, artistic touch with custom-designed kitchen and bathroom floors and walls. Commercially, she has designed, created and installed mosaic entryways, a 40-foot long mosaic “wave” at the University of Richmond, and other installations. A native of Rochester, New York, Lorraine works in marketing and graphic design when she’s not creating in her studio. Lorraine is a member of MRAA.

Stanley Rayfield

Stanley Rayfield is a portraitist and narrative painter working in oil and graphite. His work is carefully rendered images of people with a sensitivity to light.  Faith pushes him forward to create the positive, uplifting images he likes to paint and draw.  A VCU graduate, Stanley’s work has appeared in the Smithsonian National Portrait Competition, and is in the permanent collection of The Morris Museum in Augusta, GA and the VMFA.



Paul DePasquale

Paul DiPasquale investigates and produces public sculpture about history and the people who made it. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he trained at the Boston Architectural Center, and holds a Master’s degree in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. Paul sculpts monumental scale public bronze figures, portraits and bust commissions.





Aaron Bowles

Aaron Bowles is a contemporary abstract figure painter whose work  involves mythology, dreams, relationships, and the drama of nature. He is a colorist whose surfaces exhibit interesting textures. He works in a painterly style using abstract compositions and geometric structure. His landscape work is of the water and it’s light in the Chesapeake Bay region. He exhibits regularly in regional galleries and competitions. A native Virginian, Aaron studied painting at East Carolina University and graphic design and illustration at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is a former Associate Professor of Art at George Mason University. Aaron is a member of MRAA

Diego Sanchez

An artist and educator, Diego Sanchez is from Bogotá, Colombia. He obtained an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from VCU and teaches art classes at St. Catherine’s School. He is a recipient of the Theresa Pollack Award and serves as a juror for regional art competitions. His work reflects his interest in finding a comfortable place between representational and non-representational elements in the picture plane. With a purely intuitive approach, Diego develops interesting surfaces, patterns and textures and adds a representational aspect. He exhibits regularly in prominent galleries and competitions. Comprised of both abstract and representational His work is held by several corporations and is in the collections of Sidney and Frances Lewis among many others.